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rss – really something special?

Kevin Laws asks “Is RSS for real, or is it today’s Social Networking?” in his article rss – really something special?. The article itself is an excellent summary of the current RSS business landscape. Of course, social networking is nowhere close to reaching it’s potential… I’ll talk more about that when I have something interesting […]

Interactive Microcontent is interesting as it is a discussion combining most of the client-side programming languages that interest me and some not so common uses for them, such as view selection source in mozilla, and calendaring. Speaking of calendaring, I’m still waiting impatiently to see the eventual direction of RSS/RDF and events/calendars. Calendaring is one […]

a list apart

a list apart, one of the better web developer web-zines, relaunches with three good articles: accessibility with css image replacement, expandable curved tabs in css, and a 4k php image roation script, as well as multiple rss feeds in multiple versions.

svg and rss

The W3C SVG Working Group recently added an RSS feed of SVG news. Meanwhile, Scott Andrew and others are experiencing semantic overload, wondering if xhtml aggregation isn’t a better choice. “The rules that govern XHTML as a semantic metalanguage will need to be put to the test”. In developing Tax Newsletters, rss was intentionally very […]