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A lot has changed for the better since my post four years ago on preventing the death of SVG. Today, we have excellent SVG (and canvas) implementations in Safari, Firefox, and Opera. dojox.gfx provides a simple JavaScript API based on SVG nomenclature for abstracting away inconsistencies between implementations, and also allow VML and Silverlight support […]

I shake my head in disbelief when I see an article with a topic that interests me ( JavaScript and errors ), only to stop reading when the author, Joshua Gitlin, insults the target audience in the first paragraph with pedantic disrespect to a large developer community of which I am a proud member: “Now, […]

The W3C recently held a Workshop on Web Applications. Opera and mozilla have formed the Web Hypertext Application Technology (WHAT) Working Group. Microsoft is trying to force xaml upon the world. Things are getting interesting again.

42 problems with xhtml 2.0

Daniel Glazman writes in his blog about 42 problems with xhtml 2.0. Daniel is a Netscape France employee, and someone I highly respect from my interaction with him on the W3C public mailing list.

finding xml files with google

Inspired by the Google Hacks book, has an article on using Google to find xml files. The author discusses ways to search for files by type and dtd, and discusses some of the uses in searching for rss, rdf, and foaf formats, among others.

Interactive Microcontent is interesting as it is a discussion combining most of the client-side programming languages that interest me and some not so common uses for them, such as view selection source in mozilla, and calendaring. Speaking of calendaring, I’m still waiting impatiently to see the eventual direction of RSS/RDF and events/calendars. Calendaring is one […]


In working with xsl-fo for the first time recently, I was pleasantly surprised with fop, an Apache project for converting fo documents to common display formats such as pdf and svg. The only drawback I had brought back memories of using css a few years ago when browser support was much less than it is […]

exslt for msxml4

A third party implementation of exslt for msxml4 is the first implementation of the standard exslt extensions for the xslt processor in IE. This is rather interesting accomplishment as the “author had no access to internal product interfaces and had to overcome some serious difficulties, which until now had prevented the development of any such […]

xslt articles has had a series of interesting xslt article recently, including techniques for shortening xslt documents (it feels like a big misnomer to call xslt documents “stylesheets”), regular expressions in xslt 2, and visualizing xslt with svg, one of the first xslt-svg articles I have seen that is more than an explanation of how to […]

migrating to xhtml2.0

Migrating to xhtml2.0, another article. The article summarizes current problem with using xhtml, such as the problems with using the application/xhtml+xml mime type with current generation browsers.

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