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return of the king

The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King is an excellent conclusion to an excellent series of movies. I enjoyed it much better than the Two Towers, which in my opinion was too much like Star Wars in its abrupt switching between storylines. Return of the King and Matrix Revolutions did a much better […]

matrix revolutions

Minor spoilers here. While the critics do have a good point of contention about how the time of the film may have been better devoted to certain portions of the story, any true Matrix fan will be satisfied with how the overall plot unfolds, as well as with the visuals and the special effects. Though […]

matrix reloaded


the matrix

In an effort to be as surprised by the 2nd movie as I was by the first, I have managed to not see or hear anything about the Matrix sequels. Between avoiding the Matrix Anime shorts to covering my eyes and ears when green text starts scrolling down the tv or theatre screen, I have […]

college sports commercialism

“Surely we are not in the business of making profits from the games of our students. Nor are we willing that they should be in that business either. But in some way or other we have gotten into that business, have built our fields and used them for extracting all the money which the traffic […]