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Cliff Lee to the…. Phillies!

I had a hunch the Phillies would sneak in and sign Cliff Lee, which they did yesterday. They seemed to realize last season that letting him go when they acquired Halladay was a big mistake. They were afraid they couldn’t resign him, but it seems that letting him spend 2010 in Seattle and Texas made […]

first nfl game

I had the opportunity to attend my first NFL game ever on December 30th thanks to Torrey. We had amazing seats… first row, 45 yard line, and the Cardinals won easily against the Rams, with their highest scoring performance in 30 years. The interesting thing about sitting this close to the players is that they […]

what about the owners?

In the recent Mitchell report about baseball and steroids, there is a significant list of circumstantial evidence against many past and present baseball players. I would still make the case that the ethical dilemma of what is enhancing at what is medicine is still blurred… for example, is a pitcher that receives Tommy John surgery […]


A few people I know have put together an interesting subscription service for fantasy sports nuts like myself called RotoPass. This service basically sells you a pass to a collection of the top fantasy sports sites at a much lower monthly rate than buying a pass to each service. It is also a pretty cool […]

In an article about Sammy Sosa and his corked bat, Hal Bodley compares Sammy Sosa using a corked bat to Bill Gates stealing a hundred bucks. Of course, when I read that quote, I think, isn’t that what Microsoft does to you when you want to buy a new computer with Linux instead of Windows. […]

college sports commercialism

“Surely we are not in the business of making profits from the games of our students. Nor are we willing that they should be in that business either. But in some way or other we have gotten into that business, have built our fields and used them for extracting all the money which the traffic […]