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2013 Annual Review

Annual review This annual review is inspired by many others I’ve seen floating around in the past few days. It’s a personal analysis of: What went well this year? What didn’t go so well this year? What am I working toward? What went well this year Married life. In April, Leita and I had an […]

Halvtone: Dojo-created art

I was very excited to learn about Halvtone, a new Dojo-based platform for creating art from photos. As one of the founders of Dojo, it’s especially neat to see something you’ve created be used by others to create very interesting products. I had to have my own Dojo created art, so I ordered a simple […]

Small Steps Create Big Changes

There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about the ideas in this post, just some recent thoughts reminding me of one of the lessons I learned earlier in life: consistent hard work in small steps is a way to accomplish seemingly impossible goals over time. It’s one of the few universal lessons I learned from graduate school and […]

Bad Ass Squares 3 is Live

You may recall my post from a few months ago about taking part in the making of Bad Ass Squares 3. The movie is now live:

Random March Thoughts

Some quick random March updates and thoughts: The knee is healing nicely… still a long way to go. March in London is still cold, big surprise. I cannot wait to get back to the states at the end of the month, though I had some great visits with friends this month. We had our 12th […]

On Being Less Absent-Minded

I was going to write a blog post on being absent-minded, but I forgot what I wanted to write about. Kind of like when I joined the procrastinator’s meetup group, only to find out they hadn’t gotten around to meeting up yet. Seriously though, I’m an extremely absent-minded person because I’m very in the moment. […]

On Charity and Billionaires

It’s nearly impossible to go a day without hearing about how Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are giving away half or more of their amassed fortune to charity. The skeptic in me asks “why is this such a great story”? I’d argue that it’s not. I look back at the thousands of lives and companies […]

Some random thoughts from 2010 for 2011 based on articles I’ve read or seen in the past 10 days: Mobile Apps and the Open Web It’s really great to see books like Building iPhone Apps that teach people how to use web app techniques instead of just another book on using Objective C for iPhone, […]

2010 Highlights

2010 was a year packed with many things… random highlights that come to mind include: London Calling & Green Park: After years of enjoying and visiting London, I got a business visa and a flat with Maria and spent about 5 months here working, meeting with clients, traveling to other places in Europe, etc. My […]

One Year Without a Car!

For the first time since I was 16, I’ve had the very liberating yet un-American experience of living without a car. Sure, I’ve had to rent/hire a few cars in various places, and I’ve spent a fair amount of time in taxis (or in Thailand, tuk tuks (never again) and red buses), but most of […]

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