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2013 Annual Review

Annual review This annual review is inspired by many others I’ve seen floating around in the past few days. It’s a personal analysis of: What went well this year? What didn’t go so well this year? What am I working toward? What went well this year Married life. In April, Leita and I had an […]

Allons y le château de Versailles

On April 7, we spent an amazing day at the former home of Louis XIV. High school history classes would have been far more interesting living in Europe. I wrote a report on the Sun King back in 10th grade. The palace, jardins, and more were the most lavish I’ve ever seen in my travels. […]

As too often seems to be the case, I start off with great intentions on these trips, and then end up with a bunch of unfinished trip blogs as the trip gets busier. So, I’ll spend a few posts recapping some of the highlights: April 4 Web-5 conference in Béziers. Had fun delivering the opening […]

April 4th is the start of the Web-5 conference in Béziers, so on April 3rd we took the train to Paris. We’re happy we didn’t fly, as there’s a strike today in France by the air traffic controllers for the smaller airports. We started by having breakfast (croissant, baguette, espresso, juice, etc.) at an amazing […]

Arrivé à Paris

After 15+ hours of cars, planes, and trains, we arrived in Paris on April 2nd, for one night at least before heading to Béziers. We managed to avoid a variety of potential travel delays and arrived on-time for everything. We had a quick stop in London at the BA first class lounge to recharge a […]

Bon Voyage

Today begins the start of our two-week journey to Béziers, Paris, London, and Rouen! There are many reasons for this trip: Web-5 conference invite. I’m invited to deliver the opening keynote on April 4th Leita’s French heritage. This is her first ever trip to France! London Ajax User Group. I helped start this group when […]

Upcoming Dojo Talks

Conference season is in full swing. Here are some upcoming events where I’ll be attending and/or speaking: ESRI Dev Summit. Palm Springs, CA, March 26-29, 2012. I’ll deliver a talk on Dojo, as well as a 1-day Dojo Workshop. There’s also a golf tournament! Web-5. Béziers, France, April 4-6, 2012. I’ll deliver the opening keynote […]

I’m embarking on a few week trip to Europe to attend the London Ajax Mobile Event, Nikolai and Vikki’s wedding in Amsterdam, deliver a couple of Dojo talks, and stay with friends between. Here are some packing and travel tips that I’ve learned over the years: Underpack, by starting to pack in advance. If you […]