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The CES demonstration of iHealth is really impressive (great interview by @hermioneway and the presenter). It’s a great example of a nice user experience, and a simple health care measurement tool paired together through our new ecosystem of mobile devices. And at only $99 and for sale soon at the Apple store, I think this […]

Some random thoughts from 2010 for 2011 based on articles I’ve read or seen in the past 10 days: Mobile Apps and the Open Web It’s really great to see books like Building iPhone Apps that teach people how to use web app techniques instead of just another book on using Objective C for iPhone, […]

December 14th was the 9th and final London Ajax User Group event for 2010. The topic was widgets, with talks about YUI and Dojo’s Dijit. A quick aside: I started this group earlier this year with Piotr Zalewa of MooTools and JSFiddle fame as I wanted to meet more people in London given the amount […]

Blackberry vs. the iPhone

Michael Mace recently authored a particularly poignant piece on what he feels is really wrong with Blackberry. I found the article interesting because it did a fairly solid job analyzing both technical and business issues faced by RIM. (Full disclosure: RIM makes contributions to the Dojo Foundation, and this article is strictly my opinion, as […]

Pay Per Use Broadband?

GigaOm recently ran an article on Predictions if Pay Per Use Comes to Broadband. This topic has interested me as my travels over the past two years have made several points abundant: We take reliable networks for granted Hotel Wifi is usually slow, and often connection throttled (both quantity and duration) Many worldwide providers have […]

Upcoming Dojo Events

A few upcoming Dojo events worth mentioning: Dojo Mobile Summit, London, July 31-August 1, 2010. We’re fully booked for this, but if you want to join us Saturday evening, let me know. Chicago. This is happening sometime in August (either the weekend of the 21st or 28th). Peter Higgins will be there for this […]

Aaron Newton and I first delivered the Programming to Patterns talk at the Rich Web Experience in Orlando in December, 2009. It’s evolved a fair amount over the past 6 months through various iterations and delivery. Mark Wubben and I recently reworked the Dojo examples a bit as well in preparation for SWDC 2010, and […]

My quick stopover in Los Angeles was packed with good discussions. Last night I had dinner with Dojo Co-founder David Schontzler and this morning I had breakfast with Dojo Committer Gavin Doughtie. I’m now on my way to Seoul via Asiana Air: View Larger Map Today also marks the official release of Dojo 1.3! In […]

A while back, Steve Souders of YSlow and High Performance Web Sites fame asked me if I wanted to write a chapter for his new book, Even Faster Web Sites. In general, I turn down all offers to write books because I’m very busy with SitePen and Dojo. That said, when Steve asked if I […]

Two years ago, I wrote about Airline web sites and their use of JavaScript/Ajax toolkits. A lot has changed since then, so here’s an update. Two years ago, Southwest and JetBlue were the clear leaders in web site quality, ease of use, and also use of Ajax toolkits. Below is a quick, non-definitive review of […]

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