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firefox 3 launches today

Firefox 3 launches today, with significant upgrades across ever facet of the web browser, from chrome (a much improved address bar, bookmarks system, and more easily searchable password and cookie managers), to significant rendering and JavaScript engine performance improvements. At this point, Safari and Firefox are in a battle of the ages for performance and […]

A lot has changed for the better since my post four years ago on preventing the death of SVG. Today, we have excellent SVG (and canvas) implementations in Safari, Firefox, and Opera. dojox.gfx provides a simple JavaScript API based on SVG nomenclature for abstracting away inconsistencies between implementations, and also allow VML and Silverlight support […]

aptana jaxer

I’m pleased to announce that I recently accepted Aptana’s offer to join their advisory board, along with a number of other great people in the Ajax community. Aptana has just announced the release of Jaxer, dubbed “The Ajax Server.” So what exactly does that mean? It means that JavaScript, the DOM, HTML, and CSS are […]

congrats to john lilly

Congratulations to John Lilly on being named the new Mozilla CEO! John is a great person to work with, and deeply understands the needs of the Open Web. I expect this to be great for Mozilla and for John.

cross site scripting

Andrew Betts has delivered a phenomenal summary of cross site scripting (XSS) techniques and options in today’s browsers in his article Cross Site Scripting Joy.

ecmascript cloud

John Resig’s EcmaScript Cloud reminds me of our earlier DHTML Universe, except this is from the perspective of browser vendors and language implementers rather than users and extenders. Very cool.

mozilla prism

It’s cool to see the Mozilla Prism announcement. It’s another entry to the “Desktop Apps with Web Technologies” section of my post on the Proliferation of Web App Platforms. Interesting that it is also announced the day Leopard comes out, with its enhanced Cocoa bindings and Dashcode support. I’m curious to see if and how […]

After writing a recent post about thinking outside the (browser) box, I started thinking about the rapid rate by which things are changing. A year ago, most web developers had to think about Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and perhaps WAP for mobile devices and widget development for one of more platforms. Today, we are […]

Thunderbird 2.0 RC1 has significant performance and interface improvements, including a filtering mechanism for displaying message folders. I find myself in a view that shows only folders with unread messages 90+% of the time. A highly useful improvement would be to not show trash and junk folders in the unread folder view. In fact, having […]

ThinkVitamin is now featuring my article, Create cross-browser vector graphics, an article about dojo.gfx. The article is intended to show where we are today and what is possible with dojo’s vector graphics APIs.

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