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A lot has changed for the better since my post four years ago on preventing the death of SVG. Today, we have excellent SVG (and canvas) implementations in Safari, Firefox, and Opera. dojox.gfx provides a simple JavaScript API based on SVG nomenclature for abstracting away inconsistencies between implementations, and also allow VML and Silverlight support […]

web 3.0?

There’s been an increasing amount of talk recently about web 3.0, ranging from discussions of the semantic web, to discussions about significant improvements to user experience. The latter was an interesting article, because it describes how, in that authors mind, Dojo implements a lot of features he defines as web 3.0! Vector graphics and offline […]

some of svg comes to css

On the WebKit blog, Dave Hyatt announced that WebKit now has support for CSS Transforms. This is really interesting because it takes the matrix transformation possibilities from SVG, and moves them into CSS, allowing their application on any HTML element. I’d also bet that given WebKit and Safari 3’s solid SVG support, this was relatively […]

dojox.gfx at svg open 2007

Eugene has posted his dojox.gfx slides from SVG Open 2007. It’s great information for anyone wanting to learn about dojox.gfx, or wanting to see a preview of the 3d drawing and 3d charting done this summer by our Google Summer of Code students.

sxsw 2007 recap

We made the annual trek to SxSW this year and had an amazing experience as usual. This year I gave a short talk titled “Web Vector Graphics: Myth or Reality?” and did a Paul Graham style Q&A session at the end with a large number of answers in a very short amount of time. I […]

sxsw 2007

sxsw is nearly upon us. It’s that special time of year when the bay area tech community goes on spring break to Austin, TX, for the interactive portion of the festival otherwise known for great music and movies. This year, I’m doing a solo panel called “Web Vector Graphics: Myth or Reality” where I will […]

kde 4 svg preview

The kde project is making impressive use of native svg in the desktop and within applications.

ThinkVitamin is now featuring my article, Create cross-browser vector graphics, an article about dojo.gfx. The article is intended to show where we are today and what is possible with dojo’s vector graphics APIs.

adobe svg and closures

Alex wrote a rant about our struggles with adobe svg, http requests, and closures.

svg collaborative whiteboard

Mark Dawson has put together a nice proof of concept for a collaborative svg whiteboard.

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