The CES demonstration of iHealth is really impressive (great interview by @hermioneway and the presenter). It’s a great example of a nice user experience, and a simple health care measurement tool paired together through our new ecosystem of mobile devices. And at only $99 and for sale soon at the Apple store, I think this will do phenomenally well:

It reminds me of a finished version of Uxebu’s experiments with HumanAPI. Nikolai Onken gave a fun set of talks in 2010 while wearing a home-made heart rate monitor that would communicate with the iPhone over bluetooth. Their approach currently requires jailbreaking an iPhone (to get the iPhone to allow Bluetooth sensor data to be sent to the phone), and uses open web tech (HTML/CSS/JS/Dojo/PhoneGap).

Video: Nikolai Onken on the future of the mobile web, today.

Slides from SWDC 2010:

I would love to see a set of APIs for mobile web app developers to create applications that can sync with other types of sensors and monitoring devices. I’m sure people are working on ways to sync nanobot readings to your iPhone or iPad now!

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