Upcoming Dojo Talks

Conference season is in full swing. Here are some upcoming events where I’ll be attending and/or speaking:

  • ESRI Dev Summit. Palm Springs, CA, March 26-29, 2012. I’ll deliver a talk on Dojo, as well as a 1-day Dojo Workshop. There’s also a golf tournament!
  • Web-5. Béziers, France, April 4-6, 2012. I’ll deliver the opening keynote on Modular, Mobile, and Reinventing Web App Development. There’s also an event with a local wine maker, and promises of stinky French cheese.
  • London Ajax. London, England, April 10, 2012. When I lived in London, I helped start the London Ajax User Group. I’ll be back to deliver a pair of talks on AMD with James Thomas as a warm-up act for our upcoming IBM Impact session. As is typical in London, the talks are simply the opener to a lively discussion to follow at a local pub.
  • Phoenix Mobile Festival. Tempe, Arizona, April 21, 2012. It used to be incredibly difficult to find web events in Phoenix, but with JSConf and more happening in Scottsdale, this is the year to be here. Not sure if I’ll be speaking yet, or just attending this event.
  • IBM Impact. Las Vegas, Nevada. April 29-May 4, 2012. I’ll be delivering Star Search: Dojo 2.0 and HTML 5 on May 1 at 10:45am, and Beyond Dojo: The Rise of Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) on May 3 at 8:45am. On May 2nd, there’s also an unconference, for which I’ve proposed Socket to me! WebSocket and Dojo’s Socket API.

A busy couple of months for sure. I hope to meet you at one or more of these events!

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