first nfl game

I had the opportunity to attend my first NFL game ever on December 30th thanks to Torrey. We had amazing seats… first row, 45 yard line, and the Cardinals won easily against the Rams, with their highest scoring performance in 30 years.

Football Game View Torrey at the football game

The interesting thing about sitting this close to the players is that they felt more ordinary and approachable than I would have expected. I actually felt like I could go out there on the field and compete with these guys. Of course, the next day, I went out and played some football and realized that my mind thinks I’m a much better player than my body does.

Oddly enough, I also feel like the NFL does an amazing job packaging football for TV, as the pace and time between plays feels a lot slower when in person than while watching on TV. This is in contrast with baseball, where I feel the in-person experience runs at a faster pace than it does on TV. Overall, attending a game in person is a great experience, and sitting in the first row is that much better.

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