Cliff Lee to the…. Phillies!

I had a hunch the Phillies would sneak in and sign Cliff Lee, which they did yesterday. They seemed to realize last season that letting him go when they acquired Halladay was a big mistake. They were afraid they couldn’t resign him, but it seems that letting him spend 2010 in Seattle and Texas made him appreciate Philadelphia even more.

I’ve never been a Phillies fan (I’m an A’s fan), but watching the composure, confidence, and absolute domination he had over the Yankees in the 2009 World Series made me want to be a Phillies fan. Sadly for the Phillies, Lee couldn’t pitch every game, though with Halladay now, they’re going to be incredibly difficult to beat.

I didn’t get to watch the 2010 series while in Thailand so I can claim ignorance of his 2010 world series performance, and look forward to watching a few Phillies games in 2011.

Even if you’re not a baseball fan, you should find and watch his two games in the 2009 world series. It was a masterful, inspiring performance on baseball’s biggest stage. If after watching those two games, you don’t want to dominate whatever it is you are passionate about, then you need to find a new passion.

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