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mozilla and dojo

On Friday, I had the opportunity to give a Dojo update at Mozilla. Spending time with the Mozillans is always a great honor, as their hard work makes our development efforts possible and much more pleasant. Mozilla co-sponsored Dojo’s summer internship program (along with SitePen, and the Google Summer of Code), and this was a […]

I’m not sure how or why I did not see this sooner, but in firefox, setting accessibility.tabfocus in about:config to 7 allows tabbing into select elements, removing my biggest annoyance with the Mac UI.

the spread of firefox

Firefox seems to be everywhere now. In addition to the countless obvious places such as the NY Times Ad, Don’t Click on the Blue E!, the cover story of this month’s Wired, and the rampant speculation now that several firefox developers have been hired by Google, to the more person interactions I have recently while […]

mozilla developer day 2004

The day began at Google building 44 with a brief introduction by Mitchell Baker about how well the mozilla foundation is doing. It was also rumored that mozilla is going to leave the software business and enter the t-shirt business after selling an astounding 15,000 shirts at Linux World and OSCON. The mozilla developer day […]

switch to mozilla

Because of mozilla’s superior user experience and security, and Internet Explorer’s ongoing slew of security holes, numerous organizations have recently recommend switching away from IE, including the Department of Homeland Security, CERT, Security Focus, Open for Business, and even Microsoft’s own Slate Magazine.

mozillazine knowledge base

The mozillazine knowledge base is a growing collection of resources and is “designed to help gather support, resources, hints, tips and FAQs (about mozilla) all in one place.’

extending mozilla

2004-01-26, 15:03: A clever mozilla extension for IE behaviors, and an example for using xml data island in mozilla.

mozilla 1.6 launches

mozilla has released version 1.6. Lots of minor upgrades and bug fixes included in this release.

phoenix/firebird themes

The Mozilla Firebird browser currently has much better themes than mozilla (Phoenity and Qute. I’m looking forward to using firebird on a regular basis once thunderbird is also ready. For now, I’m settling with Pinball.

mozilla 1.3 released

mozilla has released the much improved version 1.3. Key features of this release include the completion of the bayesian spam filtering implementation (which was great in 1.3 alpha and beta) and midas (the analog of isContentEditable).

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