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On April 23rd, I walked around Sydney some more, and then had lunch with Pamela Fox whom I met at Web ’09 and a few members of the Google Maps team at Google Sydney. They have a great location with a nice harbour-side view. After lunch, I walked around Darling Harbour which contains a sea […]

Day 24: Touring Sydney

On April 22nd, I woke up really early and caught up on some work. Today was my primary day for seeing some of the more touristy sights of Sydney. In walking around town, I did something I almost never do: shop. And I don’t mean the Apple Store with the longest Genius Bar in the […]

I’m Back

I’m Back. After 76 of the best days of my life seeing the world, I’m back in the USA, waiting for my flight from Charlotte to Phoenix. I’ve seen and experienced so many amazing parts of the world, and yet I’ve seen and done so little. Sadly, I’m a bit disappointed that my trip is […]

Day 23: Katoomba to Sydney

On April 21st, I left Katoomba for Sydney. After 48 hours in Katoomba, I left without a view of the 3 Sisters: The drive down to Sydney was great, as the fog and rain was limited to the Katoomba area. I arrived at the Marriott Circular Quay, which is by far the nicest Marriott I’ve […]

Day 22: Katoomba Fogged In

April 20th, and still no sisters. I was completely fogged in today, with no chance to view the 3 sisters (apparently if you were standing there looking at them at precisely 11:15 am, they revealed themselves for about 5 minutes). So, I continued to catch up on some work, and I headed to Leura, the […]

Day 21: Auckland to Katoomba

On April 19, it was time to bid farewell to the kiwi nation and fly to Australia. Upon arrival at the Auckland airport, I discovered that there was an entirely separate checkin and passport control section for first class, business class, and star alliance gold members, a nice touch. After being returned to the customs […]

April 18th was definitely a day to remember. Web’09 had a great group of attendees and a solid collection of speakers. I was up to give my talk after the morning break, and gave a talk on the Open Web. While I have given this talk several times before, each time I deliver it is […]

My first morning in Auckland, April 17th, was met with a nice view of Sky Tower from my room at the Latham: This was also Day 1 of Web’09, one of the most enjoyable conferences I’ve ever attended. With about 200 attendees, conferences for me are all about the people and the hallway track, and […]

Day 18: Queenstown to Auckland

As I slip further and further behind on my blog posts on my trip, I will note that I’m having a great time and still plan to blog everything eventually. I visited Warwick Castle in England today. On April 16th, I left Queenstown for Auckland where I gave a talk at the Web’09 conference. An […]

Day 16: Queenstown

Queenstown and the surrounding area rocks and is ridiculously beautiful. The entire area feels like one massive national park. It is a bit trendier than I expected, with lots of people straight out of high school or college tramping around New Zealand. I began my first full-day (April 14, 2009) in Queenstown with a great […]

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