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svg color picker, svg mozilla

Kevin Hughes has put together an interesting svg color picker. It has some interesting features and shows some of the current uses and limitations of SVG with the Adobe plug-in. Though it looks like mozilla will finally have limited SVG support enabled by default in 1.8. I have also added a few updates to my […]

preventing the death of svg

My thoughts on how to save SVG. Update: I have been persuaded by the community to point out that SVG is not dead, is gaining strong support in the cell phone market, and will finally be enabled by default in mozilla 1.8. SVG itself is a great and very promising technology… I am simply frustrated […]

svg wiki in svg

Creating an SVG Wiki is the latest article on SVG. It shows how to add actual SVG support to a Wiki using JavaScript, DOM, SVG, HTML.


In working with xsl-fo for the first time recently, I was pleasantly surprised with fop, an Apache project for converting fo documents to common display formats such as pdf and svg. The only drawback I had brought back memories of using css a few years ago when browser support was much less than it is […]

adobe asv6 beta

After more than a year of no new releases, and rumor that Adobe would no longer release stand-alone svg viewers, they release a beta for asv6, their most feature-rich svg viewer yet. It includes a lot of experimental stuff from the SVG 1.2 RAX draft, some high-end DOM features (mutation events, etc.), audio and video […]

open source svg editor

Sodipodi is an open source svg editor in early alpha development that feels like a powerful SVG editor written by someone by people who really understand the capabilities of SVG. Lately I’ve been wondering whether or not SVG is a commercially viable specification. Adobe has stopped development efforts on its viewer, mozilla has not made […]

svg mobile blackjack game

SVG mobile blackjack game. Impressive for 30k, and for something that will work on svg-enabled mobile devices.

apple shuns svg

Keynote, Apple’s new presentation program, uses xml, but not svg, for its vector graphics description markup.

svg and dom mutation events

An article describing the benefits and shortcomings of using DOM mutations events in SVG. Much of the recent innovation in JavaScript is closely coupled with SVG. Unfortunately, mozilla and IE do not yet come by default with native SVG support.

svg and rss

The W3C SVG Working Group recently added an RSS feed of SVG news. Meanwhile, Scott Andrew and others are experiencing semantic overload, wondering if xhtml aggregation isn’t a better choice. “The rules that govern XHTML as a semantic metalanguage will need to be put to the test”. In developing Tax Newsletters, rss was intentionally very […]

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