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css 3 selectors has an article on css 3 selectors and their current implementation in mozilla.

full alpha transparent pngs

A List Apart has impressed me once again. A couple of months ago, they showed how to embed flash movies with xhtml compatible markup which I was able to extend to SVG files. Now, they show how to trick IE for Window into displaying pngs with full alpha transparency.

Peter-Paul has released a new version of his w3c dom css compatibility table.

css z-index keyword proposal

A short extension proposal for z-index: keywords for above all other stacked boxes, and below all other stacked boxes. Use case is if you don’t know in advance how many boxes you’ll be stacking, but you know you want a certian box to be above all the others. Rather than picking a very large z-index, […]

css box-sizing

A mostly unknown CSS 3 property called box-sizing allows developers to set the definition of width and height to the W3C CSS box model or the box model implemented in Internet Explorer 4 and 5. The CSS model includes the width of the content… padding, borders and margin are excluded. The IE box model includes […]

CSS Color name proposals

A summary of named color proposals spurred by the debate over the CSS 3 color module inclusion if X11 Named Colors. Please post feedback and comments to the Proposal: extensible color name profiles Originally suggested to CSS Working group mailing list at by Dylan Schiemann and influenced by CSS2 has the following: […]

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