Archive for the 'XML/XHTML' Category articles has two new interesting articles: Inside the RSS Validator and Prototyping One-to-many Links with XSLT.

changes in xhtml 2.0 drafts

xmlhack has a short article tracking changes in xhtml 2.0 working drafts.

apple shuns svg

Keynote, Apple’s new presentation program, uses xml, but not svg, for its vector graphics description markup.

I had never considered using XQuery for generating html and xml. Until now.

This article describes using the DOM 2 Range with JavaScript and describes its support in mozilla. I put this together rather quickly and it isn’t very robust, but it is better than nothing. Send bugs and comments to mail[@] (without the brackets) Overview: A Range selects all content between a pair of boundary points, and […]

dom and tag soup

A great DOM/CSS blog entry by Ian Hickson on how user agents handle tag soup.

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