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dojo 1.1 has arrived

Dojo 1.1 is now available. More information is available in the Dojo 1.1 release notes, or on the SitePen Dojo 1.1 announcement. Be sure to check out the new Dojo API Viewer, and the growing collection of Dojo demos, tutorials, and articles. Update: The Beauty of Dojo 1.1 by James Burke, and Dojo 1.1 released […]

Over the years of working with the Dojo Toolkit at SitePen, we have avoided offering a formal support service because we did not want to compete with our efforts in supporting the community. Recently, we started to realize that there are simply cases where an open and free community cannot always fill the need of […]

first dojo book

Matthew Russell’s Dojo Book is the first book on the market exclusively about Dojo. It should be out in a few months.

dojo community resources

Peter Higgins and I spent part of our evening assembling a collection of Dojo Community Resources, mostly in the form of up do date tutorials and demos.

aptana jaxer

I’m pleased to announce that I recently accepted Aptana’s offer to join their advisory board, along with a number of other great people in the Ajax community. Aptana has just announced the release of Jaxer, dubbed “The Ajax Server.” So what exactly does that mean? It means that JavaScript, the DOM, HTML, and CSS are […]

congrats to john lilly

Congratulations to John Lilly on being named the new Mozilla CEO! John is a great person to work with, and deeply understands the needs of the Open Web. I expect this to be great for Mozilla and for John.

dojo 1.0.1 released

Dojo 1.0.1 has been released. Users of 1.0 are encouraged to update, and should have no issues with the migration. As mentioned previously, this release fixes 40+ bugs from 1.0, but there are no API changes. Also, a quick reminder that SitePen will conduct a 2-day Dojo training course in Palo Alto in early December. […]

web 3.0?

There’s been an increasing amount of talk recently about web 3.0, ranging from discussions of the semantic web, to discussions about significant improvements to user experience. The latter was an interesting article, because it describes how, in that authors mind, Dojo implements a lot of features he defines as web 3.0! Vector graphics and offline […]

Later today (Wednesday), Adam and/or Alex will push Dojo 1.0.1 live to the world. It’s been an odd year with holiday releases: Easter Sunday: First 0.9 development milestone US Independence Day: 0.9 beta Halloween: 1.0 release candidate Thanksgiving: 1.0.1 Christmas: 1.0.2 (planned)

dojo 1.0.1 release candidate

There’s an updated Dojo 1.0.1 release candidate ready for download. This minor update does not change any APIs, but does resolve approximately 40 bugs in Dojo 1.0. Please give it a try and report any regressions. Assuming things go well, we’re releasing Dojo 1.0.1 on Wednesday in time for Thanksgiving.

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