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iPhone iInactivation, part 2

A log of the error messages from AT&T/Apple, for the iPhone (out of 4 total, 3 are working) that failed to activate correctly for us: June 29, 9:22pm PT: AT&T is now processing your activation. You will receive an email confirmation once your activation is complete. June 29, 9:33pm PT: Phone service is scheduled to […]

Today, along with a reported 500,000 other people, I picked up an iPhone. We waited in line in 110F heat for about 90 minutes and were among the first 25 in one of many local AT&T stores. Sadly, that was the easy part of the day. The iPhone looks to be an amazing device, but […]

wwdc behind the scenes

It’s a bit late to be doing a WWDC follow-up, but better late than never. Alex and I were invited to give a talk about Dojo several months ago, as was Sam Stephenson of Prototype. Since we’re not really allowed to talk about anything tech from the talk that isn’t public, I thought it would […]

iPhone bar camp

I usually skip BarCamp and other hackathon coding events because they consume a lot of time and I don’t usually get as much accomplished as I do at my desk. That said, when a major new platform like the iPhone gets released, an event such as the iPhone Dev Camp seems like a great idea […]

mac pro vs. macbook pro

I had been waiting for today’s announcement of the new MacBook Pro, and after reading the specs and prices, in spite of the MacBook Pro improvements looking rather nice, I decided to go with the Mac Pro instead, and I’ll keep my first gen MacBook Pro around as well for travel. In evaluating my computer […]

About six months ago, I started talking with Atif Khan about a device his company has been working on since 2004. Today I got a chance for the first time to see more details on the deeda, which looks more like an iPhone than anything else I’ve seen. The approach they are taking to application […]

ThinkVitamin is now featuring my article, Create cross-browser vector graphics, an article about dojo.gfx. The article is intended to show where we are today and what is possible with dojo’s vector graphics APIs.

mozilla and dojo

On Friday, I had the opportunity to give a Dojo update at Mozilla. Spending time with the Mozillans is always a great honor, as their hard work makes our development efforts possible and much more pleasant. Mozilla co-sponsored Dojo’s summer internship program (along with SitePen, and the Google Summer of Code), and this was a […]

I love the promise of Apple computers, but time and time again I am disappointed by the quality of the product they deliver. After repeated problems with my PowerBooks that I have outlined previously, I bought a MacBook Pro. I would not be blogging today if it were not for the poorly designed MacBook Pro […]

After my earlier hard drive failure and ensuing debacle in replacing it, my PowerBook is now crashing pretty regularly, in what looks like a memory issue: Command: WindowServer Path: /System/Library/Frameworks/ ApplicationServices.framework/ Frameworks/CoreGraphics. framework/Resources/WindowServer Version: ??? (???) PID: 223 Thread: 0 Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001) Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0x0001) at 0x3f800008 Unfortunately, Apple Care is worthless. I brought […]

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