iPhone DevCamp begins

The iPhone DevCamp begins Friday night. I won’t be able to attend, though we’ll be sending Jason Cline to the event to represent SitePen. We’ve been blogging quite a bit about the iPhone on the SitePen blog, and running a lot of tests to find out all of the various things that don’t work on the current Safari version found on the iPhone.

The event is being hosted by Adobe, which is a bit ironic given their interest in Flash and the absence of Flash on the iPhone. Today there was a rumor that Flash would be coming soon for the iPhone, but this seems like a rather surprising development if it is true for the following reasons:

  • YouTube has spent significant effort converting videos to H.264 in its partnership with Apple
  • Flash Lite (pronounced flashlight 😉 ), found on the Nokia Series 60 phones that run WebCore (a subset of WebKit/Safari), is not exactly the full-featured flash that is common on the desktop web
  • Flash is relatively slow on OS X on the desktop relative to Windows

I’m not saying we’ll never see Flash on the iPhone, just that those saying it is coming very soon are rather wishful in their thinking. I’m certainly in no hurry for Flash to invade my iPhone.

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