iWork numbers and the iPhone

Apple’s new application, Numbers, is a really nice refreshing blend of Excel and a general diagramming tool. It is surprisingly feature-rich, making actually somewhat more complex to use than a typical Apple app. It’s interesting that the new iWork suite has the Leopard theme or skin. Because of the Leopard delays, Apple seems to be in this weird hybrid states where many of their new applications have the new Apple style, but the operating system itself does not. It’s a very different model than Microsoft where apps take on the theme and UI guidelines of the version of the Windows. The Numbers templates, while nice, are not nearly as impressive as the screenshots and demos shown on the Apple web site. Hopefully some of the people that create some of the amazing Keynote themes and templates will do the same for Numbers. The nicest thing about Numbers is that it actually makes spreadsheets somewhat fun to use and work with.

So what does this have to do with the iPhone? Well, it seems that the iPhone does not yet recognize Numbers documents when sent as attachments via email. I was really curious to see how the iPhone would handle some of the 3-D charting capabilities…

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  1. on 06 Dec 2007 at 19:12Michael


    I started a little website to share Templates and tips for Numbers.

    You can find it at: http://www.numberstemplates.com


    – Michael

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