amazing service from photojojo

Most of my posts about customer service remark about how poor it is, and how annoyed I get when incompetence wastes my time. So I’m pleased to write a post about the great service I received recently from Photojojo, an online photo site and store.

I was recently looking for the new Eye-fi Card, and all other online retailers were sold out or did not yet have the card in stock. I contacted Photojojo and asked if they had any in stock as I wanted to get the access early to show it off (SitePen worked with Eye-fi on the software for the card, and Eye-fi was out of cards). Photojojo was out of stock, but then wrote back that they had received more cards and would be able to ship one overnight.

Unfortunately, we just missed the cut-off time for overnight shipping, so they did some searching online, figured out where I was located, and said they could meet me in person if I was going to be in the Bay Area. It turns out one of their founders is based in San Francisco and had one Eye-fi Card with him. I accepted their offer, picked up the card, and was able to start showing it off right away.

I can’t imagine many companies going out of their way to accommodate a customer like this. Experiences like this are far too rare.

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