Michael Carter on WebSocket

Michael Carter of Orbited recently published a fun and colorful introduction to WebSocket:

I was at first overjoyed at the prospect of the World Wide Web’s new status as a real boy. But such feelings were just a precursor to the greatest technology-driven depression of my life. You see, as recently as twenty years ago the world was brimming with real programmers, who knew how to do such amazing things as write programs that conversed with far-away computers by using bsd sockets. We’ve traded those programmers, by and large, for JavaScript kiddies. Its not that the real programmers all died, retired, or gave up with programming; rather, every new programmer of the past decade is a bright-eyed 22 year old who thinks he’s the best thing since Google, what with his domination of rails (, java, or php) and JavaScript.

For more of Michael’s writing about Comet, visit Comet Daily, a web site I helped create to better explain Comet.

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