On this day of thanks, on a professional level, I’m really thankful that Dojo is such a thriving community, and SitePen is able to work with such amazing and great companies.

A few people have asked me privately if I am upset that Alex is joining Google. The short answer is, absolutely not. Alex has been hacking on WebKit and Gears for a while now, and when we heard about Chrome, we thought it was a great way to make the open web better. I’m thankful that a company like Google dedicates so many resources to improving the open web. So while Alex is no longer at SitePen, I’m excited about the possibilities that exist with having even better browsers for building great apps for you.

On a personal level, I’m extremely thankful to have a great family, friends, and co-workers. I’ve also been fortunate to meet so many amazing people over the past few years as Dojo as evolved from small little project to tool of choice for hundreds of thousands of developers.

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