Upcoming JavaScript Events

I’ll be attending the following events:

  • UK Uniface User Group: April 27th at the Compuware Uniface office in Maidenhead, UK. I’ll be speaking on web apps and business implications. Uniface leverages Dojo for deploying web apps with their 4GL framework.
  • London Ajax User Group: On May 11th, I’ll be co-hosting the first of a new monthly event on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Piotr of MooTools and JS Fiddle fame will be the co-host. The June event will be focused on mobile, and July will feature a panel of Comet toolkits. Sign-up for the May event now as space is limited.
  • dojo.beer(“copenhagen”): Mark Wubben is organizing a Dojo Beer event for mid-late May in Copenhagen. Send @novemberborn a tweet if you have a suggestion on the date. The 22nd or 23rd is my current preference.
  • SWDC 2010: I’ll be speaking again at the 2nd Swedish Scandinavian Web Developer Conference on June 2nd. This year there’s also a second full-day of tracks with an emphasis on mobile web development.
  • javascript-az: I’ll be giving an intro to Dojo talk at the new javascript-az group on June 16th!

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