Random Thailand Observations

Some random observations about Thailand:

  • Lots of scam artists, but mostly nice people
  • The Bangkok Marriott Spa and Resort is amazing, but not the real Thailand (it has Benihana and Trader Vic’s after all
  • 7-Eleven is more common here than anything else. I guess gas stations killed that in the US, but it’s also common in Japan, Norway, Sweden, and I’m sure other places.
  • Sizzler… yes, they have a perfect franchise of it in Chiang Mai at the mall near the airport. Unlike places like Robinson (a rip of the old Robinsons-May), JayMart, and iStudio which clearly are not the same. Nor is the coffee and computer shop down the street sells Apple computers. It’s called Orange and uses an inverted Apple logo.
  • So many simple, multipurpose, affordable things here.
  • All of the orange juice here is bright orange as they use mandarin oranges. Strawberry juice is common and cheap. Dragon fruits look more amazing than they taste.

Photos from Thailand

And yes, I know I still haven’t finished blogging about last year’s amazing trip.

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  1. on 20 Nov 2010 at 14:07Justin Meyer

    The JW Marriott (which I blew months of points on) was amazing. It’s not Thailand either, but the private beach and spectacular breakfast makes up for it.

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