All or Nothing? Why?

Lately, I’ve noticed Facebook apps getting more and more aggressive with the information they’re requesting, without providing much information at all about what their doing with said information. So I’m rarely approving new apps as a consequence.

This weekend’s news that an option will now exist to allow apps to request access to your address and phone number is a bit troubling. As someone who had their house robbed in 2010 (with the criminals later caught due to sheer stupidity on their part, and my luck), the last thing I want to do is give out this information conveniently, just to have access to an app.

Part of the problem I have is the “Allow or Don’t Allow” being the only two options. I would prefer a system that allows me to install an app, but only allow one or some of the permissions being requested. I know, trust is difficult and Facebook has tried to simplify it, but by giving the option for increasingly invasive information, and apps asking for it, the answer is going to be no, regardless of how great your app may or may not be.

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