Multitasking and Football

My parents like to make fun of how I cannot live without my iPhone 4, to the point where they bet me last night that I couldn’t ignore it for an hour. They were wrong, I made it two hours!

That said, we’re all becoming much more used to doing many things at once, and this has definitely carried over from work to our real lives. We’re watching the Bears play American Football on my Dad’s birthday, being from Chicago it’s obviously a mandatory event.

That said, I looked up and realized that my Mom is also reading a book, I have my laptop open and my phone churning away with SMS, Facebook, and more, and my Dad is playing Klondike solitaire at the table while watching the Bears generally suck the first half away.

I mean, if we were at a party maybe it would be different, but it’s funny that the game isn’t compelling enough for any of us to just sit here and watch it. I’m not sure if this is normal or just genetics! Football does have far too many commercials and delays in action, but still, it’s definitely different than what I would have expected years ago for a playoff football game of my favorite team.

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