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Bad Ass Squares Part 3

I had a great time recently being part of the filming of Bad Ass Squares Part 3. Compuware’s Uniface has created the Bad Ass Squares videos as a really fun way to promote their product for developing enterprise applications. The company is Dutch, so all filming has been done in Amsterdam. The movies are inspired […]

Cliff Lee to the…. Phillies!

I had a hunch the Phillies would sneak in and sign Cliff Lee, which they did yesterday. They seemed to realize last season that letting him go when they acquired Halladay was a big mistake. They were afraid they couldn’t resign him, but it seems that letting him spend 2010 in Seattle and Texas made […]

Blogging Again

I’m bored of writing only 140 characters at a time, as I feel like I’m losing my focus. So, without further ado, I’m going to start blogging again.

Random Thailand Observations

Some random observations about Thailand: Lots of scam artists, but mostly nice people The Bangkok Marriott Spa and Resort is amazing, but not the real Thailand (it has Benihana and Trader Vic’s after all 7-Eleven is more common here than anything else. I guess gas stations killed that in the US, but it’s also common […]

Day 37: Praha and Djangocon

We were of course in Praha for Djangocon, so we attended some lightning talks on May 5th, 2009: And Tobias gave a talk on Dojango: Djangocon has a nice, authentic, no-frills vibe that makes it a great conference. Praha has great food, as long as you enjoy goulash! I also was exposed to Becherovka (bitters). […]

Day 36: Berlin to Praha

Ok, I’m almost a year behind on my blog posts about my trip, so it’s time to wrap it up already! On May 4th, 2009, I took the train from Berlin to Prague to attend Djangocon. I had an early departure from the Berlin Hauptbahnhopf: It’s pretty cool seeing signs for trains that will continue […]

Day 35: Berlin

On May 3rd (day 35 of my trip around the world earlier this year), I received a whirlwind tour of Berlin from Wolfram’s cousin Martin: Martin grew up in East Germany, so I received a humorous, biased perspective of how much better East Berlin is/was than the west. The first thing of note was the […]

Why I Avoid British Airways

Given the large amount of traveling I have done the past few years, friends are surprised that I generally avoid British Airways when flying to London, even if it means a connection on the east coast, a few extra hours of travel, and a slightly diminished quality of in-flight service between first class service on […]

Day 32: Amsterdam to Munich

On April 30th, I flew from Amsterdam to Munich. Unfortunately, This meant missing the bulk of the Queen’s Day festivities and the million or more people crowding in the city. That said, I’m part German and Irish, and I was excited to start exploring my ancestral roots! The lounge in Amsterdam was pretty lacking in […]

Day 26: Sailing Around Sydney

On April 24th, I walked a few kilometers around Sydney and across the Harbour Bridge towards McMahons Point, the location of Greg Wilkins’ boat. I had some great views of the harbour and other parts of Sydney. Greg and a friend share a nice sailboat, and after a few months of repairs, they were ready […]

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