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college sports commercialism

“Surely we are not in the business of making profits from the games of our students. Nor are we willing that they should be in that business either. But in some way or other we have gotten into that business, have built our fields and used them for extracting all the money which the traffic [...]

xhtml and flash

Embedding a Flash movie in xhtml without breaking validation rules.

dom vs. innerHTML

A good summary and debate of using dom standards vs. innerHTML by Tim Scarfe and Alex Russell. In my coding practices, I use dom compliant methods. I do tend to use innerHTML for debugging purposes. For example, if I want to see what a method is doing to a dom structure, I’ll [...]

svg and rss

The W3C SVG Working Group recently added an RSS feed of SVG news.

Meanwhile, Scott Andrew and others are experiencing semantic overload, wondering if xhtml aggregation isn’t a better choice. “The rules that govern XHTML as a semantic metalanguage will need to be put to the test”.

In developing Tax Newsletters, rss was intentionally very easy [...]

dom and tag soup

A great DOM/CSS blog entry by Ian Hickson on how user agents handle tag soup.

css box-sizing

A mostly unknown CSS 3 property called box-sizing allows developers to set the definition of width and height to the W3C CSS box model or the box model implemented in Internet Explorer 4 and 5. The CSS model includes the width of the content… padding, borders and margin are excluded. The IE box [...]