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mozilla spam icons

I’ve been using mozilla1.3 alpha for a while, and I couldn’t figure out why the spam algorithm would stop working after a day or two. Well, it turns out in addition to having to manually mark messages as spam, you also have to explicitly mark messages as not spam. In retrospect, this sounds obvious, [...]

mozilla mail innovations

A Washington Post article describes mozilla as the best hope for better e-mail software in outlining mozilla’s addition of spam filters, palm address synchronization, and saved searches.

css z-index keyword proposal

A short extension proposal for z-index: keywords for above all other stacked boxes, and below all other stacked boxes. Use case is if you don’t know in advance how many boxes you’ll be stacking, but you know you want a certian box to be above all the others. Rather than picking a very [...]

This article describes using the DOM 2 Range with JavaScript and describes its support in mozilla. I put this together rather quickly and it isn’t very robust, but it is better than nothing. Send bugs and comments to mail[@] (without the brackets)
A Range selects all content between a pair of boundary points, and [...]

mozilla 1.2.1 is ready

After recalling 1.2 due to a pretty big regression, mozilla 1.2.1 is out.