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logitech iopen

For Christmas, I received the wonderful Logitech ioPen, a digital pen. The pen works with a specialized notebook and a Palm-like syncing cradle to transfer everything you write to digital format. I’ve been making great use of it for drawing out schematics for web sites.

In the past, I would have to scan the [...]

Peter-Paul has released a new version of his w3c dom css compatibility table.

When using document.createElement(”script”) to add a javascript file to an html document, Internet Explorer does not provide consistent error messages. Instead, I have found a combination of failing silently and giving error messages for the line number that was used to append the script to the document.

netwindows api

NetWindows, an open source api project started by Alex Russell, is much improved. I took a second look at it recently and am very impressed with how well it handles a number of application like interfaces. It uses a signals and slots event mechanism, and despite there not being much in the way [...]

new architect magazine is no more

New Architect magazine is no longer being published. Under its original title of Web Techniques, it was a useful magazine for beginning web developers with code samples. The more recent rendition was more appropriate for business types (no code) making broad decisions related to web technologies. Except for the Lawrence Lessig articles related [...]

I had never considered using XQuery for generating html and xml. Until now.

searchking v. google

LawMeme summary of SearchKing v. Google case, an interesting read even if you have little to no interest in law.

directtv replacement

SitePen client West Coast Internet is offering a replacement DSL service for former DirectTV DSL customers, a service that is being discontinued.

checky mozilla xpi

“The Checky plug-in is an simple Interface for web content and resource developers to free and commercial online Validator and Checker services.”

building stable computers

Tom’s Hardware article on building stable computers. Great information on choosing components (where and where not to cut costs), assembling the system, installing software, and testing. The first really good article I’ve seen in a while on building a reliable computer.

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