Archive for February, 2003

segway breakdown

Wired magazine has an article titled Segway Breakdown. I want one, but I’ll be waiting for a version that can go more than 11 miles without needing a recharge.

full alpha transparent pngs

A List Apart has impressed me once again. A couple of months ago, they showed how to embed flash movies with xhtml compatible markup which I was able to extend to SVG files. Now, they show how to trick IE for Window into displaying pngs with full alpha transparency.

w3c dom conformance test

Simple DOM Test Page that shows what you current browser claims to support. A lead-in to the W3C DOM Test Suite.

svg mobile blackjack game

SVG mobile blackjack game. Impressive for 30k, and for something that will work on svg-enabled mobile devices.

changes in xhtml 2.0 drafts

xmlhack has a short article tracking changes in xhtml 2.0 working drafts.

apple shuns svg

Keynote, Apple’s new presentation program, uses xml, but not svg, for its vector graphics description markup.