Archive for June, 2003

css 3 selectors has an article on css 3 selectors and their current implementation in mozilla.

xslt articles has had a series of interesting xslt article recently, including techniques for shortening xslt documents (it feels like a big misnomer to call xslt documents “stylesheets”), regular expressions in xslt 2, and visualizing xslt with svg, one of the first xslt-svg articles I have seen that is more than an explanation of how to [...]

open source svg editor

Sodipodi is an open source svg editor in early alpha development that feels like a powerful SVG editor written by someone by people who really understand the capabilities of SVG. Lately I’ve been wondering whether or not SVG is a commercially viable specification. Adobe has stopped development efforts on its viewer, mozilla has [...]

In an article about Sammy Sosa and his corked bat, Hal Bodley compares Sammy Sosa using a corked bat to Bill Gates stealing a hundred bucks. Of course, when I read that quote, I think, isn’t that what Microsoft does to you when you want to buy a new computer with Linux instead [...]