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a friend dies in iraq

I just found out that a friend of mine in high school, Josh Byers, died in Iraq on Wednesday. Josh was one of the good guys, an honest man who was a patriot when being a patriot was one of the least cool things to be.

aol puts netscape to sleep

aol lays off the rest of their netscape development team that was actively working on mozilla. mozilla now has limited funding and a smaller salaried group, and will probably lose a number of their talented developers. On the bright side, mozilla is finally an independent entity, no longer controlled by aol. aol [...]

adobe asv6 beta

After more than a year of no new releases, and rumor that Adobe would no longer release stand-alone svg viewers, they release a beta for asv6, their most feature-rich svg viewer yet. It includes a lot of experimental stuff from the SVG 1.2 RAX draft, some high-end DOM features (mutation events, etc.), audio and [...]

I recently had a need to automate JavaDoc style documentation for JavaScript code on a Windows platform. After reviewing what was out there, I put together an obscure hybrid that combines the following technologies: Ant, Doxygen, JavaScript, and Perl. It works, but there has to be a better way of doing this.