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quirksmode is the relaunch of ppk’s excellent resource on JavaScript, DOM, and CSS compatibility issues. The name is inspired by doctype switching in newer browsers to allow older quirky rendering behavior to work.

Interactive Microcontent is interesting as it is a discussion combining most of the client-side programming languages that interest me and some not so common uses for them, such as view selection source in mozilla, and calendaring. Speaking of calendaring, I’m still waiting impatiently to see the eventual direction of RSS/RDF and events/calendars. Calendaring [...], a once reputable online computer part store, has jumped the shark and is now accepting orders and money, but not delivering products, which I now know from experience. They have turned off their 800 number, and are under investigation by the Florida Attorney General. Avoid shopping with them. The owner of [...]

a list apart

a list apart, one of the better web developer web-zines, relaunches with three good articles: accessibility with css image replacement, expandable curved tabs in css, and a 4k php image roation script, as well as multiple rss feeds in multiple versions.

css layout-o-matic

A good first attempt at generating css layouts.

disable caps lock

The caps lock key has been a silent annoyance for me for many years. It is rare that I need this capability, yet it interferes with my typing at least once a day when I type that key instead of the letter a. After a quick read, I found that this is very [...]