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javascript image replacement

In response to the recent Joe Clark article on A List Apart “Facts and Opinion About Fahrner Image Replacement“, Peter-Paul Koch wrote an article about a possible JavaScript Image Replacement alternative. Somewhat independently, Christian Hellmann wrote an article also for JavaScript Image Replacement. Peter-Paul Koch had a pair of responses, basically saying [...]

silicon pines

Silicon Pines is an Assisting Computing Facility: ” Sadly, technology is advancing at such a dramatic rate that many millions, of all ages, will never truly be able to understand it, putting an undue burden on those friends and family members who must explain it to them. But unless the loved one is [...]

matrix revolutions

Minor spoilers here. While the critics do have a good point of contention about how the time of the film may have been better devoted to certain portions of the story, any true Matrix fan will be satisfied with how the overall plot unfolds, as well as with the visuals and the special effects. [...]