Archive for February, 2004

finding xml files with google

Inspired by the Google Hacks book, has an article on using Google to find xml files. The author discusses ways to search for files by type and dtd, and discusses some of the uses in searching for rss, rdf, and foaf formats, among others.

mozillazine knowledge base

The mozillazine knowledge base is a growing collection of resources and is “designed to help gather support, resources, hints, tips and FAQs (about mozilla) all in one place.’

iopen reloaded

Logitech has upgraded the handwriting recognition software for the ioPen, and added a number of new features for editing objects in documents created with the digital pen. It looks promising in addressing my primary complaint about the ioPen.

sports blogs emerging

A few years ago, I complained that there were few good sports blogs. Now, Jason Grabowski has been interviewed on Athletics Nation, an Oakland A’s blog. (Jason Grabowski is a leading prospect for the Oakland Athletics) The net gets more interesting every day. Traditional sports journalists are now quoting thoughts from [...]