Archive for July, 2004

designed entirely in css

Being the elitest that I am, I like to poke fun at people who make the statement: “I designed this site entirely in css”. Recently, the designer of the newly launched mozilla store proclaimed that it was the first site he had designed entirely in css. Sure, CSS is a language used to describe [...]

gmail, first impressions

I was recently invited by David to setup a G-mail account. The system is currently by far the best e-mail interface of the major web mail providers, though that lead may diminish with Yahoo’s recent acquisition of OddPost. The main reason is that Google uses JavaScript and XMLHttpRequests to update data, rather than [...]

switch to mozilla

Because of mozilla’s superior user experience and security, and Internet Explorer’s ongoing slew of security holes, numerous organizations have recently recommend switching away from IE, including the Department of Homeland Security, CERT, Security Focus, Open for Business, and even Microsoft’s own Slate Magazine.

google and validity

I was recently thinking out loud that Google should punish web sites with markup that are not well-formed, invalid, and/or excessive in their use of presentational markup. Then it occurred to me that, in fact, they already do (excluding really large, popular web sites). They just don’t explicitly say that they do. [...]