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measuring blog success

How do you measure success in the world of blogging? Well, in the case of Athletics Nation, you can say you’re a success when you land something really unique… in this case, an exclusive interview with Billy Beane, the well-known GM of the Oakland A’s.

baychi rich internet applications

Recap of the BayChi Rich Internet Applications Discussion on August 10 at PARC.

Reading the technology tea-leaves: Is a Rich Internet Application in your future?
David Temkin, Laszlo Systems
Mike Sundermeyer, Macromedia
Jim Hobart, Classic Systems Solutions
Ethan Diamond and Iain Lamb, Oddpost

This seminar began with an opening set of slides with way too much text and way too little [...]

mozilla developer day 2004

The day began at Google building 44 with a brief introduction by Mitchell Baker about how well the mozilla foundation is doing. It was also rumored that mozilla is going to leave the software business and enter the t-shirt business after selling an astounding 15,000 shirts at Linux World and OSCON.

The mozilla developer day [...]

Well stated, disturbing quote from TiVo vs. the Broadcast Flag Wavers:

“The MPAA and the NFL phrase their objections as reasonable attempts to err on the side of caution. ‘We’re asking them to just wait awhile, let’s think it out more thoroughly,’ Attaway said.

“But if a programmer or an engineer with a bright idea has to [...]