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good bad attitude

good bad attitiude, another great essay on programming and hacking. Discussion includes hacking, creativity, and the impact of our waning civil liberties.


I am currently contributing code and effort to the Dojo Toolkit project. The site was updated today to reveal a little about what we’re doing.

better onload focusing

Numerous sites capture the onload event handler to move focus to a specific form field, usually for logging in (for example, My Yahoo!). Other sites will even clear the current text in the field in addition to providing focus (for example, American Express). However, they both exhibit a really annoying behavior: when the [...]

tail wagging the google dog

The press has been speculating since the google ipo that there will now be a mass exodus of talent due to the new found wealth of google’s employees. So the press, in wanting to prove their point, believe they have their first data point with the departure of Evan Williams. However, anyone who [...]

styling input type=file has a great article on how to create the illusion of a styled input type=”file” element. This is a problem I tried to solve years ago, before the options presented here were really viable. This trick will probably put Michael McGrady on the map if he wasn’t already.