Archive for November, 2004

svg color picker, svg mozilla

Kevin Hughes has put together an interesting svg color picker. It has some interesting features and shows some of the current uses and limitations of SVG with the Adobe plug-in. Though it looks like mozilla will finally have limited SVG support enabled by default in 1.8. I have also added a few [...]

s5 xhtml/css slide show format

Eric Meyer has released S5, formalizing an easy to use web-based slide show. Most of the presentations I have given in the past few years have been done in this manner, but I have never had the motivation to put something together so that everything specific to the talk could reside in one file [...]

giving apple a second chance

I bought a new 15 inch Mac PowerBook G4 this week, eight years after having the worst computer buying experience of my life. The early results are encouraging enough for me to write some quick notes about the experience so far.

First, a brief background story. Eight years ago in 1994, as a college student, [...]