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Several years ago, I stopped buying CDs from major label, RIAA affiliated artists. This happened the day the RIAA sued Napster, signalling the desire of the music industry to litigate rather than adapt (and 99 cents per download with DRM several years later is not adapting). I used to purchase over $1000 per [...]


A few people I know have put together an interesting subscription service for fantasy sports nuts like myself called RotoPass. This service basically sells you a pass to a collection of the top fantasy sports sites at a much lower monthly rate than buying a pass to each service. It is also a [...]

calling for a css revolution

Daniel Glazman is calling for a css revolution. Daniel, a long time member of the CSS WG, is basically making the point that many of the working groups have strayed too far away from solving the needs of their users, and need to focus more of their efforts on the problems that matter. Note [...]