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hacking is running an article on hacking In addition to the cool tips mentioned in the article, it also mentions that there will soon be support in the product for python scripting!

endangered gizmos

The EFF has created a list of endangered gizmos. Categories include extinct (i.e., dvd x-copy), endangered (iPod), and saved (vcr).

complaining to complain

Mark Jen, while raising some valid points about compensation at Google, really misses the boat when he talks about the various employee perks Google offers. What he does not seem to get is that Google is in many ways trying to help him and other Google employees waste less time on the annoying little [...]

the spread of firefox

Firefox seems to be everywhere now. In addition to the countless obvious places such as the NY Times Ad, Don’t Click on the Blue E!, the cover story of this month’s Wired, and the rampant speculation now that several firefox developers have been hired by Google, to the more person interactions I have recently [...]

svg collaborative whiteboard

Mark Dawson has put together a nice proof of concept for a collaborative svg whiteboard.

Last month Phillip Eby wrote a pair of interesting articles on the differences between Java and Python: Python is Not Java and Java is Not Python Either

all top 40 music the same?

A recent npr story delves into the topic of nickelback releasing songs that are very self-similar. Mikey Smith created several mp3 files overlaying Nickelback songs. An even more interesting question for me that they touched upon during the NPR story only briefly: “Is all mainstream music really the same?” Is there really [...]