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tantek has suggested the name cadex for responsive web applications. I can live with that. It certainly beats the proposed alternative.

top 100 gadgets

mobile pc has a very fun look at the Top 100 Gadgets of All Time

106 miles revisited

Adam Rifkin provides an outstanding recap of January’s 106 Miles

rss - really something special?

Kevin Laws asks “Is RSS for real, or is it today’s Social Networking?” in his article rss - really something special?. The article itself is an excellent summary of the current RSS business landscape. Of course, social networking is nowhere close to reaching it’s potential… I’ll talk more about that when I have [...]

google fires blogger

Mark Jen was fired by Google recently due in part to comments made on his blog, as mentioned in my entry complaining to complain. Tonight I had the chance to meet him at the latest 106 Miles event. He seems to be a pretty nice guy, and dumbfounded by how quickly his comments [...]

google maps

Google unleashed Google Maps today and did a pretty amazing job. Of course, there are always people that just do not get it. Yes, I know that Python is a cleaner language for development. But if you want to write responsive web applications, you need JavaScript, the most widely deployed, misunderstood, functional-like [...]

adobe svg and closures

Alex wrote a rant about our struggles with adobe svg, http requests, and closures.

It’s no surprise to people that work with me that I’ve been spending a lot of my time lately on Dojo. This week, Jesse James Garrett wrote an article on A New Approach to Web Applications, and Matthew Haughey followed up with an article about the rise of web applications. They have both [...]