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Not that I did not know this already, but QuickBooks is amazingly bad. And amazingly it is even worse for the Mac than it was for Windows.

I wanted to upgrade our old Windows version to the new Mac Pro version. So I bought and installed it. As usual on the Mac, the installation [...]

I shake my head in disbelief when I see an article with a topic that interests me ( JavaScript and errors ), only to stop reading when the author, Joshua Gitlin, insults the target audience in the first paragraph with pedantic disrespect to a large developer community of which I am a proud member: [...]

Google acquires Dodgeball. In unrelated news, Google acquires rights to Baseketball, and has patent for tags rejected over confusion due to prior art. And you thought webdev tattoo humor was bad.

The Jot hackathon, Don’t try this at work, hReview, and of course, Pac-Man turns 25.

Why is it that we cannot seem to just let something be cool? Why must we hype it to death with an awful name? Are we that desperate as people to latch onto anything that seems like the next fad? Are there that few cool things out there? Why can we [...]

dojo xml parser

I wrote some developer notes recently on the Dojo XML to JS Parser.