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I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and JetBlue and Southwest recently upgraded their web sites. Given my role in Dojo, I thought it would be interesting to see what JavaScript/Ajax toolkits airline web sites are using (if any), and to see if there is a correlation between the quality of the airline web [...]


Because of my use of multiple monitor setups, I have this habit of trying to drag my mouse across screens on different computers. At 3D2, Paul told Torrey about Synergy, which is a lightweight server that lets you do just that. It’s a really really cool, easy to configure way of getting the [...]

3d2 recap: day 1

A quick Dojo Developer Day 2 (3D2) recap:
Alex and I started with an overview of what’s going well with Dojo, and where we can improve (polish and performance). We then moved into a moderated discussion of what Dojo needs to become, that had a lot of ideas, but not a very solid set of [...]

We’ve had a number of interesting posts recently on the SitePen blog around our new Dojo Offline Toolkit efforts, and around reducing toolkit bloat. These two topics are of particular importance to the long-term success of web apps.
We’re also pleased to announce a few new Dojo Training courses. If you have any questions [...]

kde 4 svg preview

The kde project is making impressive use of native svg in the desktop and within applications.

Infoworld has announced that Dojo has won their award Best Open Source Ajax Kit for 2007. Congratulations and thanks to everyone in the Dojo community for their outstanding contributions over the past 2 1/2 years!