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daylite quirks

We use Daylite for our internal group calendar, and for the most part we love this Mac-only application. However, there are a few basic things about it that do not make sense.

The fields for start and end time are not wide enough to see the start and end time (see image). Regardless of [...]

Thunderbird 2.0 RC1 has significant performance and interface improvements, including a filtering mechanism for displaying message folders. I find myself in a view that shows only folders with unread messages 90+% of the time. A highly useful improvement would be to not show trash and junk folders in the unread folder view. In [...]

About six months ago, I started talking with Atif Khan about a device his company has been working on since 2004. Today I got a chance for the first time to see more details on the deeda, which looks more like an iPhone than anything else I’ve seen. The approach they are [...]

JavaScript roundup

A number of random JavaScript musings from recent events, none of which are meaty enough to constitute a blog post.

First off, congrats to Jack Slocum on launching ext and Dean Edwards on unleashing base2. It’s great to see solid work pushing things forward in the JavaScript world.

Coach Wei of Nexaweb wrote an insightful, sad, [...]