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Today, along with a reported 500,000 other people, I picked up an iPhone. We waited in line in 110F heat for about 90 minutes and were among the first 25 in one of many local AT&T stores. Sadly, that was the easy part of the day.
The iPhone looks to be an amazing device, [...]

wwdc behind the scenes

It’s a bit late to be doing a WWDC follow-up, but better late than never. Alex and I were invited to give a talk about Dojo several months ago, as was Sam Stephenson of Prototype. Since we’re not really allowed to talk about anything tech from the talk that isn’t public, I thought [...]

iPhone bar camp

I usually skip BarCamp and other hackathon coding events because they consume a lot of time and I don’t usually get as much accomplished as I do at my desk. That said, when a major new platform like the iPhone gets released, an event such as the iPhone Dev Camp seems like a great [...]

I love the OpenOffice project and the great effort put forward by Sun and the open source community. I was very excited to learn about the initial efforts to create a non-X11 port for the Mac. I have been using NeoOffice/J for quite a while, and am curious to see how the two projects progress. [...]

mac pro vs. macbook pro

I had been waiting for today’s announcement of the new MacBook Pro, and after reading the specs and prices, in spite of the MacBook Pro improvements looking rather nice, I decided to go with the Mac Pro instead, and I’ll keep my first gen MacBook Pro around as well for travel. In evaluating my [...]